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Most people are surprised to learn this statement is true because bran mash is an old tradition. However, new recent equine research shows that domestic horses are affected by grain associated health issues. It was once thought that bran mash might be a nice occasional treat, but this isn’t the case. It can upset the micro-flora in the hind gut and cause inflammation. If used often, it causes serious mineral imbalance.

So it’s never a good idea to feed wheat bran according to nutritional science. There’s just no benefit for the horse. As for other grains like corn…Susceptible to mold and very bad for your horse. Wheat, barley and oats are high in starch which converts to sugar. For the last 22 Yrs.

we have rescued, cared for and loved countless horses with various medical histories. Many of those medical conditions restricted the horses’ diet. This inspired us to find a horse treat suitable for horses, ponies and donkeys with special dietary concerns. Our goal is to offer a horse treat that includes our equine friends who may have special dietary concerns requiring low sugar, low starch, or low protein, and other carbohydrate sensitivities. After searching and searching with no luck our love for the horses and challenge in keeping a healthy nutrition for them, took over and we began R&D in the kitchen…then to the stable…and voila…the Hayfers were born!

Introducing our premium Hayfers Chia Mash. No sugar, no bran, no grain. High fiber, high omega 3 fats, high nutrients. Chia seed is the SuperSeed with a taste horses love and for good reason…the benefits of chia seed are many ! So go ahead and “go against the grain” with Hayfers Chia Mash and feel good about giving your equine friend comfort food that they feel good about too!

Convenient for: trail rides, traveling, hiding medication, adding to your first aid kit. Ready to eat…just add water!

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prednisone 10mg