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Never underestimate the power that most natural herbs can have on your health. In fact, over 170 herbs in the U.S are currently being used as medicinal herbs. Additionally, over 50 million consumers in the U.S use medicinal herbs for their daily health needs. Here are some common medicinal herbs that might go a long way in helping you improve your health. This herb grows mostly eastern forests and takes at least of four years to attain maturity. The plant has red berries, light green flowers and pointed green leaves.

Ginseng is the most popular medicinal herb around the world largely because it works well in increasing energy levels and stimulating the immune system. Additionally, it also lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This herb is commonly found in prairies because of its drought resistant qualities. They are coneflower shaped with a purplish petal pointing towards the ground and a large bulb that is pointing upwards. This medicinal herb is widely used for boosting the immune system. Echinacea can also be used in treating burns, bites, stings, sores and wounds.

Popularly known as red root, the herb, usually, grows in eastern woodlands. It often grows near Solomon’s seal. The plant features flowers with small petals and rounded green leaves. However, it is only the root that is used as medicine. For several years now, the plant has been used as an ingredient in toothpastes and mouthwashes because of its ability to prevent gingivitis and minimize plaques. It can also be used in reducing tumors and recent studies tend to show that bloodroot controls some type of cancers.

Milk Thistle often grows in Mediterranean climates. It features dense flowers with small purplish petals and a tall stem. The plant is widely used for liver treatments. It can also be used to treat gallbladder disease, hepatitis and cirrhosis. Additionally, it also treats depression and prevents liver damage that may arise because of alcoholism. This versatile herb grows in dry or moist areas and it features dark orange, red or yellow flowers with oval green leaves.

The shrub is used in various topical skincare products and astringents including those used in treating wounds, bruises, inflammation and hemorrhoids. It is also used to treat different eye problems. Its bark is used for alleviating colitis, dysentery and diarrhea. Chamomile often grows in pastures. It has a long and thin stem with small flowers that look like a daisy. It is, usually, used in teas to cure ailments of the digestive system, cough, fever and bronchitis.

Additionally chamomile is used in topical products for treating toothaches, inflammation and earaches. Aloe Vera often grows near water in rocks or sand. It features stiff thick leaves with slender orange spiked flowers. The gel in its leaves is used in treating skin conditions including wounds and burns. The sap found in its leaves’ base is commonly used as a strong laxative and digestive stimulant. Always keep in mind that it is always wise to consult a doctor before taking any medicinal herbs because excessive doses of the herbs can be toxic.

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