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Having hemorrhoids can ruin your day, not to mention your entire life. Your trips to the bathroom, once an occasion of bliss where you could let out all your smelly little insides, has now become a time of woe and stress. The mere act of sitting down anywhere is painful! Is there any way you can treat hemorrhoids, you ask? Before you can even think of treating hemorrhoids, you need to know how and why they happen. As you perhaps well know, most of everything that we eat will soon come out of our body, whether in the form of solid waste or liquid waste.

The expulsion of solid waste, which we shall hereafter call defecation, is facilitated by two main components: water and fiber. Water is pretty easy to get, if you are not always busy at your desk and too preoccupied to stand up and get something to drink. Fiber, on the other hand, is a little bit more difficult to obtain. You can get fiber from whole grains such as cereals, corn, wheat, vegetables, and rice. However, the best fiber can take a while to cook, and this can get in the way of your work if you’re particularly busy and need to do a lot of other things besides waiting for your meal to get heated up. The problem is, instead of waiting, you might turn to fast foods, junk foods, or anything that’s quick to cook and eat.

The problem with such dietary habits can translate into obesity, and into hemorrhoids, which is exacerbated by obesity. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, and you need to get treatment, your first stop is necessarily your doctor, who will caution you about any overblown claims of creams or pills on the market, and who will tell you what exactly you should do in order to get well soon. After all, hemorrhoids can worsen considerably without However, if you are looking for herbal medicines to help you out, then there are a few available on the market. Before you leap to the nearest pharmacy, however, remember that hemorrhoids should not be treated with only one treatment regimen. Aside form drinking herbal medication, there are many things that you can do in order to make your hemorrhoids situation mild first. Stay away from salty foods, spicy foods, and fast foods.

Hemorrhoids are a sign of your body telling you to eat healthier, so go for salads and whole grains. You might also want to stay away from caffeine, tea, soda, and alcoholic beverages, as these drinks will push water faster out of your body. The key to relieving hemorrhoid pain is to soften your bowels, and you can do this best by consuming large amounts of water over and above the usual eight glasses a day; and eating whole grains such as cereals and whole wheat bread. To make bowel passing easier, you may want to lubricate the anal area with some petroleum jelly using a sterile cotton swab. Use damp, white, unscented toilet paper, or buy a bidet so that you simply need to rinse out your behind instead of wiping it. Learn how to relax: soak yourself in hot baths with your knees raised, don’t lift any heavy items, and keep your weight stable.

You need to be as healthy as possible in order to counter the ill effects of hemorrhoids. As soon as you have ensured that you have taken all the best steps to make your hemorrhoids better, then perhaps you can pursue herbal medication to keep it away for good. Consult with your doctor on possible herbal medications, as well as what medicines you have to avoid if you have certain underlying medical conditions. Remember: always look and do research before you leap, and always supplement your herbal medicine with good diet and exercise!

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