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"Now You Can Discover the Secret To Eliminate Pain Forever in 30 Days or Less Guaranteed"? I was in chronic pain for many years before I found out about the pain eliminating system that I am going to share with you. I feel your pain and thats why I want to help you eliminate your pain because chronic pain is horrible isn't it? It's such a draining emotion, it's exhausting, makes you moody, irritable and quite often angry. . .

Can you relate to any of these things? I know it's likely that you can relate, like I said I feel your pain. "Have You Ever Had Severe Pain In Your Body and No Matter What You Tried It Just Wouldn't Shift"? Can I tell you a little story about how I can relate to being in pain for a long time? Well this goes back to when I was 10 years old and it was the summer holidays so we were off for 6 weeks, oh to be that young again eh? !

We were playing in a field round the corner from our house and I heard my mum shout that dinner was ready so I said bye to my friends and ran home. As I climbed over the fence my feet got caught in the railings and I fell down off the fence onto a concrete floor landing on my back. I felt pain like an electric shock at the base of my spine and for a few seconds I couldn't move. I managed to stand up and hobble home in alot of pain. A week or so later I felt much better and had no idea that this incident had laid the foundations for chronic low back pain later in my life. About 6 years later at the age of 16, I was doing kick-boxing 3 times per week aswell as playing football in school everyday so I was very active.

I was also lifting heavy weights to get bigger and stronger for a kick-boxing tournament I was competing in. My dad said to me:  "You're too young to be lifting weights Daniel, wait till you are 18". When teenagers are told not to do something what do they do? Did I listen? Of course not! Ignoring my dad's advice I continued weight lifting and unfortunately my old injury from the fall I had when I was 10 came back to haunt me.

It never healed properly at that time and it left a weakness in my lower back which contributed to the injury I got lifting weights. To add to my misery I injured my shoulder lifting weights at the same time. This was a nightmare for me because I had to give up kick-boxing and football because they both aggravated my injuries. In a very short period of time I went from exercising everyday to not being able to exercise at all. This was really bad because I'd always used exercise to help me manage stress levels. Do you do that aswell?

I know it helps alot of people handle the problems life throws at us With my final exams around the corner and no daily exercise to help me manage the stress of it all, it all got on top of me and I lost the plot! The longer the pain remained, the worse I felt and it was a vicious circle as I needed to exercise to keep me sane but exercise made the pain worse! Chronic pain very often leads to depression and thats exactly what happened to me and let me tell you it was scary. I became really depressed, started to have panick attacks, I went off my food, I felt helpless and didn't know what to do or who to turn to. It was horrible, have you ever felt that way? Why am I telling you all this anyway?

"Over 65% of people in chronic pain suffer from depression" It's because chronic pain has a really negative affect on you mentally and if you're not careful, you like me many years ago may get very depressed aswell. At that time I had no solution for myself, I wish I knew then what I know now! Your emotions play a massive part in the persistance of chronic pain, the more you think about, speak about and focus on it, the longer it persists. You don't want to be one of those people in the 65% group do you? Don't you worry if you are already in that group beacause  I have the solution for you now! "Learn How To Release Those Negative Emotions and Beliefs that are causing your pain to persist".

Did you also know that people who are in chronic pain not only get depressed but over 50% of them are overweight aswell. Are you one of that 50% who put weight on due to the fact that regular exercise was caused too much pain? You're not alone then. It is a vicious circle isn't it? You want to exercise because you know it helps keep you in good condition both physically and mentally, but you can't exercise because it causes too much pain and discomfort, so you end up in pain, depressed and overweight. .

. So you end up thinking to yourself: "Nothing I've tried seems to work, I guess I'll just have to live with it" Well now you don't have to as your MD or GP may have said to you in the past We have a solution for you for your problems whether you have chronic pain, depression, a weight problem or all three. You can start using the techniques and absorbing the advice within minutes. don't give you strong bones. We've been lied to all these years"! When I first heard that I didn't believe it either so don't worry if you're not convinced yet, it took a while to convince me too!

You don't have to take my word, all you have to do is google dairy products and osteoporosis! A little tip for you is to make sure the sites you get your information from are not associated with any any of the big corporations! "Research has shown that if your diet is Highly Acidic then you are more likely to get cancer" So, what are acid forming foods I hear you ask? All refined carbohydrates ( cakes, doughnuts , alcohol, fizzy drinks. . .

"But thats all the good stuff Danny! ! ! If we can't eat any of that then what can we eat"? Well, I'm not saying never eat any of these foods as most people like to have the odd drink and eat the odd biscuit don't they? One thing I am saying though is to make sure that you eat alot more alkalizing foods than acidic ones .

That way you will be able to balance out the PH levels of your blood chemistry. If you suffer from any of the following complaints this may be due to your Highly Acidic diet: When you start using the techniques and strategies I'll teach you inside the 'Adjusting For Health' Program you will be amazed how small changes can have a  profound affect in and on your life! What You Will Learn Inside Adjusting For Health: You'll learn about the big we all face in our lives and how to handle them effectively. You will learn what the essential components of a healthy lifestyle. The 7 Biggest Mistakes people make when trying to heal back pain and how to avoid them. Have you heard before that is the big killer in modern society?

What is stress and how is it killing people? We all have and also . They are 2 completely different things and its crucial to understand the difference. What is the global impact of spinal problems? Well it's been said that: Your Spine is the window to your Health" You will also learn much healthier ways to deal with stress. Some unhealthy ways people choose to cope with stress are: Alcohol, Food, Recreational Drugs or Prescription Drugs How Do You handle Stress in Your Life?

We all know these things are stressors to our bodies and clearly they wouldn't help solve any problems in life would they? You'll learn techniques for deep relaxation and clearing your mind of those annoying negative thoughts you never seem to be able to shift! Did you know that most injuries people think happened in adulthood actually started in childhood for most people? Once you understand this you can make sure that your kids don't get the same injuries or problems you've got now. Throughout your life you've heard people tell you that you need to exercise to be healthy. Then when you question why exercise is required you get responses like "well you just do"!

Now you can understand for yourself why exercising regularly will actually help to prevent illness and disease. You've also probably heard before that you need to avoid junk food right? Thats pretty obvious isn't it? Did anyone ever explain to you exactly why it's so bad for you? Learn how junk food is one of the big causes of  cancer and how by cutting that out you can exponentially increase your life expectancy. Have you ever heard the phrase: I'm sure you have!

There's never been a truer word spoken! Most people generally think that healthy foods don't taste nice! That just isn't true! You are about to start eating healthier foods and they will be very delicious and nutritious won't they? Thats right, you know it makes sense! "Did you know that sitting is for your spine what sugar is to your teeth"?

! No? Well you do now! You  like  most  other  people  today  spend  way  too much  time  sitting  down  and  that  is  one  of the factors  why  you  are where  you  are now! Find out  why  inside  Adjusting  For  Health. I have worked with Dr. Danny on a variety of areas in my life and his amazing ability to quickly pinpoint the things that had been holding me back never ceases to amaze me!

One of the issues I used to have was over-eating. I always suspected it was an emotional issue but nobody until recently could ever help me solve the problem! Now I have resolved old emotional issues I no longer feel the need to eat loads of junk food. Thank you so much for all your help Dr. Danny! Because of the care and information that Dr. Danny Scahill has given me I have no pain and very little stiffness. The benefit being a clearer mind and a sounder body.

The benefits of these techniques transcend the techniques themselves. I feel better, I think clearer, my life is more complete living not only without pain but aligned and in sync as well. Prior to discovering this system, I had been suffering from chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, arms, hands, upper and lower back plus an overall feeling of constant exhaustion and suffered from headaches very often as well. Now I am so happy to say I no longer have pains in my arms and  I have much more strength in my arms and hands. The pain management strategies and techniques have been fantastic with the added bonus of no longer needing painkillers! The nutritional advice I received was instrumental in helping me trim down to my ideal weight.

Thank  You! My life has completely reformed. I now no longer suffer from back pain, have easy comfortable digestion and also renewed energy. The 'Adjusting For Health' program gives you the solution to your health problems whether that be back pain, neck pain, headaches or whether your looking for a weight loss solution or whether you have constantly battled with depression for you whole life. You owe it to yourself to at least give it a try. .

. We don't want to cause you any health problems so if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our products then you can have your money back. Theres no risk to you at all as you are protected by a 60 day money back guarantee! It's a no brainer really isn't it? You have nothing to lose and Infinitely better Health to Gain! You really have nothing to lose do you?

So take action today! You will be rewarded if you decide to take action now to Secure your Future Health today by receiving the following Exclusive Bonuses: This is a massively successful ebook that has helped hundreds if not thousands of people lose weight in a short period of time and not only lose the weight but keep it off consistently! I know what you're thinking - "I've heard all that before! I know about that"! However I would say to you in response, that you only really 'KNOW' something when you are doing it! Get it free of charge when buy Adjusting For Health.

I wrote this ebook to compliment the exercises, techniques and advice I give you in the Adjusting For Health ebook. You have heard before that sitting is for your spine what sugar is for your teeth right?